12 Days of Blogging :: Day 3 :: Callie’s Cuties

Well for those of you that know we well, know that this year we found my daughter Kailee has a severe allergy to peanuts.  Severe enough that we carry an epi pen EVERYWHERE these days, we have no products in the house with any of type of nut, or items that were made in a factory where there were nuts.  Let me just tell you that EVERYTHING is made in a factory where somehow there is a nut.  I found myself in Whole Foods having a complete melt down looking at every package to see.  It’s harder than you think.  Halloween was quite fun this year going through all of her candy.  Needless to say, I had been adjusting to it a bit, only going to places where she hasn’t had a problem in the past, when all of a sudden I brought home donuts as a special treat from our favorite bakery and Kailee had a reaction that landed us in the emergency room.  Those were some expensive donuts.  So I immediately turned to the internet and thought there has got to be a bakery that is nut free.  Let me tell you, there’s not.  Until now.  I am so happy that I found them.  Callie’s Cuties is a home based bakery, and when I read her story about her daughter, it was like reading my own almost.  She is opening up a retail bakery just south of Renwick and Route 59, near in the La Dolce Vita plaza.  I’m ecstatic!!!!   This will be happening in the new year, with her grand opening aimed for around Valentine’s Day.  Today I was able to sample some of her cupcakes, and before you ask me what they are, I don’t remember the names.  I know, I’m terrible.  I was too busy drooling over them, sorry.  But they are super yummy!  Kailee tried all three, and loved them all.  I know one had banana, one with a carmel topping, one was chocolate with peppermint on top, which was son Rylan’s favorite.  Everything is also made from scratch, which is a huge plus for me.

She is taking orders at home right now, but will then be doing it from her new bakery shop!  For those of you who need nut free, this is the place to go!  Or if you’re just looking for baked items with real ingredients and not with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you need to try to these!  And what I liked even more about Callie’s Cuties, well, they share the same colors as Bellissima.  Check it out!

Callie's Cuties 1
Callie's Cuties 2

Laura Meehan - December 15, 2013 - 4:50 pm

HI! – thank you for the awesome blog post! Looking forward to seeing you all agin soon!

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