Day 5 of the 12 Days of Blogging :: Downers Grove Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Day 5 is simple.  Hug your kids, family and loved ones a little tighter.  The tragedies that have unfolded in Newtown, CT are unimaginable.  I have been having a hard time wrapping my head around what transpired this past Friday, as I am sure you have also.   This senseless and selfish act has many people heartbroken before the holidays.  I have yet to fully explain to my daughter what exactly happened, but the questions “why” has already come up.  I don’t think we’ll ever get the answer to that, and if we did, it still wouldn’t help or make sense.  When things like this do happen, it does make me evaluate my life, and am I living it the best way I can.  Not that this compares, but a few years ago I reconnected with an old friend from college.  We planned to actually try to see each other, but b/c I was pregnant with Rylan, I delayed it until the spring of that year.  After Rylan was born, I found out he had cancer.  Within 2 months he was gone.  Just like that.  Since then, I have definitely changed on how I do things.  I spend more time with my kids just by adjusting my schedule.  I don’t put anything off anymore.  What I can do today, I do.  If I’m not home, I call my family and say good night, EVERY night.  I think in 2 years I’ve missed it one time.  Not that I can see any good come of what happened to those children, their families, or the community.  However, it does make me reflect back and think.  There are so many trivial things we worry about on a regular basis.  Fast food was not fast enough, stress that the holidays bring, traffic…are these really that awful?  Instead, be thankful for what you have, cherish your spouse, family, and friends.  Be respectful to others, and live life.  This is what is truly important.  Tonight, send an extra prayer to those who desperately need it.  Give your kids an extra squeeze before bed tonight, I know I will.

Since I can’t put a blog post without a pic, I thought I’d put one of my other 2  “children” that I like to call my menaces.  Hopefully this will put a smile on your face during such a hard time.


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