Got the ring, now what?

Ah, you now have the lovely ring, showing it off to everyone you can, and it basically never leaving your hand except for the very few rare instances of some manual labor (which we all know is not that often 🙂  We all get so caught up in the planning, that we sometimes forget a very important step,  insuring their precious new baby!  Believe it or not, your ring takes a beating, and things like loose stones, chipped diamonds, do sometimes happen.  Most homeowners policies only insure up to a certain amount, which is what I found out when I was redoing our insurance for my own house.  Mine was $10,000, for ALL my jewelry.  Since my husband has become a, well, let’s just call him a connoisseur of watches,  (okay it’s more like how us women like our shoes, he likes his watches!) that policy was not going to cut it.  So we actually added an extra policy just on my ring alone, God forbid anything should to happen, we are safe.  For those of you who are renting, you may not have any coverage then!  In order to protect yourself, follow these simple steps and you should be good!

Take your ring to a jeweler and get an appraisal.  This is a written estimate of what your ring is worth.  If you’re getting a band, you can always add that on after the fact, but just at least start with your engagement ring.

Take a photograph of your ring.  I know this part is hard, since most cameras can’t get that close, but if you have a fabulous photographer like me, just ask during your engagement session, and I’m sure they’d be happy to help!

Send the appraisal to your insurance company for a quote. Most insurance companies can add an additional jewelry rider to your home owners policy, or if you don’t have a home yet, then just get a separate insurance policy on your ring.  You typically pay this yearly, but double check with the company you’re getting the insurance with.

Lastly, do not forget to go back to your jeweler to get your ring checked out once a year.  I was surprised how often they had to reset my stone because of a loose prong.  Plus they have that neat machine to clean my ring which makes it look so sparkly again, just that alone is worth the visit!

Well,  I hope this article helps.  I know, it’s not the fun stuff on planning your wedding, but the last thing you want to be doing is tapping into your wedding budget to buy a new stone!

I’ll be writing  a few more articles like this in the upcoming months to share with you!  Keep checking back!

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