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Well, this is long overdue.  I actually met Kati and Ben because one year ago I did Kati’s sister’s wedding.  I absolutely love doing siblings weddings.  It was so great walking in, seeing the family again.  And let me tell you, both sides of their family are amazing.  Everyone was ready to get this party started, and I just loved being there to capture it all.

Funny story, though, I have NEVER had this happen before, and let me tell you, it will never happen again!  There are two things that I do at every wedding.  First, I always put some of my equipment in the front of the car, and some in the rear. I do this b/c god forbid I get into a car accident, let’s say get rear ended, I have equipment I can rely on in the front. I know, sounds a little cooky, but you never know.  The other thing I always do, is when I start my car, I always roll down a window.  I actually started this b/c of my kids I think.  I just want to make sure I don’t lock my keys in my car with them in it!   Or in the case of the wedding, lock my equipment in it.  So I was at Kati’s parents house, and we’re about to leave to do the first look.  So I opened my trunk (I have a Durango)  put some equipment in there, went and started the car.  I walked to the side of my car to put the other equipment in, and the door is locked.  Yes, the door was locked WITH my car running.  I absolutely panicked.  Kati’s dad called the police, and they said they’d come.  Lucky for me, I packed two different bags, so I had half of my equipment with me, enough if I had to, I could shoot the entire day if need be.  So I took off with the bus, while Kati’s dad handled my car.  Can you believe the police came right away, and he actually got there with my car at the same time as we did?   So this is a huge shout out to the Oswego Police Dept. for coming out so quickly and “bailing” me out so to speak!  🙂

Anyway, here are the first part of photos

Hilary Schwartz - September 24, 2010 - 2:22 am

Beautiful Priscilla! Love your work!

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