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Hi y’all!  I have been so busy here, not that I’m complaining!  I am just looking forward to this weekend, as I’m sure you all are too.  I am really excited to post this wedding though!  Kelly and Sam met me at the Hinsdale Wedding Walk.  Then when I met with Sam the first time after that, he started telling me all about Kelly and his plans to elope!  They basically wanted to get married at city hall, then head out for photos all around the city.  I was totally on board!

So while we were at city hall, who happens to come into work (late might I add!) but Rahm Emanuel.  I was sitting there waiting for the limo while Kelly and Sam went off to the restroom, and a police officer told me I couldn’t stand there b/c the mayor was on his way in.  So when Sam and Kelly got back, they thought how great it would be to get a photo with him.  I was actually really amazed how much security detail he has.  2 black SUV’s pulled up, along with 2 officers, and low and behold, Rahm stepped out.  He also had an entourage of reporters and photojournalists following.  It was kinda creepy weird if you ask me, but that’s just me.  So when he came in Sam told him “we just got married in city hall, can we get a photo with you?”  The less enthused Rahm stood for about 1 second, and said “make it fast.”  So that pretty much sums up our experience with mayor.  I wonder if he gets that everyday going to work there?  It was sorta neat though, I have to admit!

So we went EVERYWHERE that day.  Typically on a wedding day, you’re lucking if you make it to two spots.  So this was quite interesting.  But it being a Friday and all, with a whole lot of sun, it did limit us a little. On my way out to meet them, I stopped and picked up their flowers made by Phillips Flowers in Hinsdale.  They turned out beautiful!

So some of the places we visited were Trump Tower, The Wrigley Building, and the Chicago Board of Trade,  and we also made a quick pit stop at the Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique to pick up their wedding cupcakes which they ate at a small picnic we set up at Olive Park.  The picnic ended up being a lot quicker than we had anticipated, b/c as soon as they were done eating they headed off to Paris for their honeymoon!  How adorable is that!  So I hope you enjoy their photos!

Joseph - June 9, 2013 - 8:53 pm

These collection of images exudes a jovial and romantic atmosphere! I like how the couple just smile at each other or with each other every step of the way! My top picks are the 4th and 10th photos! And Chicago wedding city hall is really gorgeous! I’m from San Francisco and I’m glad we have our own gorgeous city hall! There’s no denying the beauty of old, huge, intricate buildings!

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