Little Hudson

Okay, so let me just start off by saying that I am in love with this name.  I love the name Hudson for a little boy.  It wasn’t too long ago that James and I were trying to come up with Rylan’s name, and we couldn’t agree on anything.  For girls, it was simple, we pretty much agreed if we liked it or not.  But for the boys, it was much harder.  And I am totally that person that is like, “I can’t use that name b/c in the fourth grade, I knew a girl named Brittany that picked her nose, so her name can’t be that.”  Yes, I will admit, I can’t use a name for someone that I didn’t like at one point in my life.  I don’t want to look at my kid EVER and hear their name and remember that other person.  Can’t have it! I know, weird quirk I have.

For Maggie and Carl, they needed an “H” name to carry on in his family tradition, (Carl is actually his middle name 🙂  So what a perfect name they found!  This little guy is the littlest newborn I’ve seen in a while.  Most of the ones I’ve seen lately have been much bigger, that they don’t even fit in my newborn props!  Hudson was such a great model for me.  A few times while I was taking some shots, I would think to myself, “if only I could move his head up a bit.”  Then miraculously, he would!  It was like he could read my mind. The best part was the end though, when Grandma had to come in a save the day with a little singing of You are My Sunshine.  By the time we hit the word “sunshine” he’d be passed out.

Enjoys the pics!

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