Little Mila :: Plainfield Naperville Newborn Photographer

Little Mila was so excited for her first photo shoot.  Okay, so I made that up.  But I always like to think it!  People ask me all the time why for newborn shots why I don’t usually photograph  when they’re awake.  I photograph babies sleeping for a few reasons.  First, new babies tend to flail when they’re awake.  You have to remember for the past 9 months they have been squashed in someone’s belly, so that’s all they know.  So if they’re not wrapped usually when they’re awake, they tend to crazily move around, then  scratch their faces in process.  The other reason is if you haven’t seen a newborn baby before with their eyes open, well, a lot of times they cross their eyes or my personal favorite, one eye open one eye closed.  So unless you’re looking for photos with a pirate flair, I tend to photograph them sleepy.  Plus, when they’re sleeping, they pretty much let you do anything you want.  Well, at least most of the time.

On this shoot I was able to try out a new prop, my little stroller. I love this thing! Mila however would not close her mouth the entire shoot.  Every time I tried to get her to close, she would just open it right back up!  So, that’s how we photographed her!  Hope you enjoy!

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