Lovin’ the Cousins :: Downers Grove Children’s Photographer

Well, I had  the pleasure of photographing these two little bundles.  So yes, you’re not imagining that there are two babies 3 months apart, because you’re right!  They are cousins, and their moms decided to get a photo done for Grandma for Mother’s Day.  What a great idea!  I always struggle figuring out what to get for Mother’s Day, so I’ve been trying to compile photos from the year and giving them as gifts on Mother’s Day.  Who doesn’t love that?

Well, having a 2 month old and a 5 month old  in a photo together, and both of them not being able to sit up, let me just tell you was probably the hardest photo I’ve had to do.  It’s hard when there is one flopping around, let a lone two! I really think it was harder b/c they were two different ages.  Teddy kept grabbing his younger cousin Ellie, and at one point tried to kiss her.  And if you’ve ever seen a baby try to kiss someone, it’s quite the spectacle, with a lot of slobber!  They mean well though!  Teddy was all smiles the entire time.  Ellie, was in her zone.  Just taking everything in.  No matter what her mom did, heck, no matter what I did, she would not crack a smile…for an hour straight.  Nothing.  Her mom said she should’ve brought the secret weapon, DAD!  So I think next time we’re going to make sure Dad is there for some extra support!

Enjoy the photos!

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