Melissa + Jim :: Engagement Session

With Melissa and Jim’s wedding approaching in June, we had little time to figure out when to do their engagement session.  We were able to sneak in their session just before it really got cold out.  And I’m so glad we did!

So I love engagement sessions just for the fact that there’s no pressure for my couples (and me too!)  There’s no time limit, nowhere else we need to be.  We just go and have fun.  The best part though are the first 15 minutes.  You see, the first 15 minutes, they don’t know if they should smile, be serious, look at the camera, look away, and it makes it sorta fun.  Usually we just ease into the session, and after I show them a few of the shots, I think they start relax, and then the real part of the session starts.  Melissa and Jim were making me laugh, because they would say, ” I don’t know what I should be doing!”  But as you’ll see from their photos, they are complete pros and natural in front of the camera, and there’s something so easy going about their relationship that completely came through in their photos.

Funny part of the day, at the end of the session, they drove me back to the North Ave. Beach lot where my car was.  When we first entered, the gate was down, literally.  It was down on the ground.  So we just drove in.  When we came back though, there were attendants.  The lady was so mean, that she wouldn’t let them drive me to my car, she made them reverse their car out of entrance.  So I had them drop me off before the gate and I walked over to my car.  Not having obtained a ticket when I entered, I wasn’t sure what the lady would make me do, but I noticed two guys fixing the terminal where you pay.  So I thought I’d try my chances with the boys.  I explained to them that the gate was down, and I drove in, thinking I didn’t have to pay since it was the winter time.  Then, I batted my lashes, and told them I’m not from the city, (like that matters) and before I could even say anything else, he told me to tell the girl to just let me through.  So Melissa and Jim, if you were wondering what the verdict was….no, the mean lady didn’t make me pay!  Enjoy the pics!

Anne Schwichtenberg - December 20, 2010 - 2:57 pm

Loved the pictures and a real treat for someone as far away as I am. That said, I wish there had been one photo of the ring (still haven’t gotten to see). Captured how much they are in love and how much they belong together.

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