Nina and Matt :: Starved Rock Engagement Session :: Chicago Wedding Photographer

I was so happy that Nina and Matt decided to use Bellissima for their wedding day.  I actually have known Nina for a while, she lived across the street from my family, and was friends with my sister.  So I think she saw something that my sister posted on Facebook, and that’s how she found me.  Gotta love Facebook!

As soon as we started talking about spots to do their engagement session, they immediately told me they were more of a Starved Rock type of couple.  I was really excited, because A. I’ve never shot there, and B. I’ve never been there.  It’s actually only about an hour away from my house, but we just have never gone for whatever reason.  There is only one problem with spots that far away, I don’t get to scout them out beforehand.  So when we drove out there, we took a bit of a long way around, then we hiked to the first location which is the French Canyon in Starved Rock, and we sorta missed the turn and hiked above the canyon.  Well, you know how that goes.  I truly thought I was going to die though, carrying all my equipment and hiking, I definitely figured out how out of shape I was!  And to top it off, it was hot, muggy and buggy.  So not a good combo.  But once we found the location, I was in awe that this was in Illinois!  Just gorgeous.  It being a Sunday, it was pretty crowded with people, but we managed.  It was a really weird green color cast everywhere, but it was truly amazing.  After that we headed to a nearby town to get some shots on an old bridge.  Yes, I love my bridges.  I love the texture, the lines, just one of my favorite type of places to shoot.  Where the old railroad track was, you could actually put your foot through it.  We actually had a conversation about how much work it must have been to put all of that together, BY HAND!  We certainly have it easy these days!  Well enjoy the photos everyone.  Thank you Nina and Matt for spending the day with me, I had a great time and loved the locations we found!


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