Welcome to my new blog!

Well, this has been long overdue.  My old blog, well, it’s no longer with us.  I am not too tech savvy when it comes to blogs, websites, etc.  But I had reached the final straw with my last blog, and well, we parted ways.  Actually, it just stopped working.  Somehow I managed to screw things up so royally that I can’t even access it.  Don’t ask me how, but if there’s a will, I will find it.  So now I’ve been trying to import my old blog to my new, wonderful, fully functional WordPress Blog, and well, it’s just not happening.  I have seriously put about 9 hours into the making of this new blog, with SEVERAL calls to anyone who will help me (or shall I say listen to me) about how to import my old blog to get it to where it’s at now.  It’s pretty much almost done, I have some fine tuning, and I have my ever so talented web designer Amy from Swayed Creative helping me with adding some, shall we say, “va va voom” to my blog.  So that’s still to come.  But, I have been patiently waiting to get this going.  Okay, so patience is not my thing, never has been, so I could no longer wait, I’ve been dying to blog!  What can I say, I missed you all!

So I have a TON to post.  Keep checking back as we make all the new changes to make this a fabulous place for you all to visit!  Also, in addition to my new blog, we have a new logo!  Some of you have seen it in the new pieces we have been creating.  It is officially done though, so I hope you all like the new look!   A newer web design is also on the horizon, which I’m uber excited about.  Lots going on at Bellissima!



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